Global Brewery Tour - Cru Cru Brewery in Mexico City

As we kick off the Austin, TX Brewery Tour with UrbanLoop's Brew Loop service, we'd like to bring you on an international brewery tour as our good friend and colleague travels to micro-breweries from around the world. Our hope is this will encourage our brew enthusiasts to travel abroad, or if you find yourself in one of these locations you'll know exactly where to go for mouth-watering craft beer and cool vibes...

And now the Global Brewery Tour of Mexico City - The Cru Cru Brewery

The Cru Cru Brewery in Roma Norte reminds me of the rest of Mexico City; a hidden gem in an otherwise chaotic ecosystem. Tucked away just off a tree covered plaza in the old Roma Norte neighborhood to enter the brewery you have to knock on what must be 1,000 pound brown door. As though Scooby-Doo and the gang are entering yet another haunted house the echo, ominous knock leaves you a little unsettled. That all changes when co-owner and brewer Enrique slowly opens the creaking door with a smile and an affable question, “you here for beer?” said in a melodic Mexican-Spanish accent.

The offerings at Cru Cru range from the hearty, breakfast style porter enriched by flavors of coffee and chocolate to a crisp and tongue pleasing pilsner that screams have another one! In between is the brewery’s original pale ale. The flagship beer in the Cru Cru fleet, the Pale Ale pours of pure and clean out of the tap with a beautiful domed head at the top of the glass. The contrast of foamy white to distinct penny copper makes this ale an absolute delight on the eyes only trumped (sorry!) by the flavor of citrus and floral upon delivery to the lips.

This brewery is the best kind of story. A tale of friends wanting something more out of their beer. As the website suggests, “Cerveza Cru Cru was born from the meeting of a group of friends who share interests, we began to brew beer for personal consumption, the results enchanted us and this encouraged us to share this experience with the people around us.” To start as friends and build a business with a dedication to the traditional community.

Well Enrique, Pepe and team we can’t tell you how much we enjoyed the tour of the brewery, the beer and mostly the camaraderie. (Well, maybe the beer more!). To all of our friends at UrbanLoop, next time you find yourself in Mexico City and looking for good friends with great beer don’t be afraid to knock on the door. Tell the guys Justin and Tim sent you!


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Brewers: Enrique and Pepe


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